NetworkTV is a fully integrated complete IPTV solution with a simple-to-use interface that presents you with a portal to manage and deliver live streams, TV channels and on-demand content. The system incorporates management of:

  • encoders
  • TV tuners
  • IP Cameras
  • set-top-boxes

        We have created a number of NetworkTV starter packages that combine software and hardware components with each package providing core NetworkTV middleware functionality but also offering the capability for large scale expansion to support hundreds of TV channels, encoders, set-top-boxes, PC and VoD users, as well as handling numerous simultaneous recordings and terabytes of content.

        Other features include:

        • ability to record multiple simultaneous streams 
        • video on demand 
        • full content management and storage facility 
        • managing multiple stream types including UDP multicast, unicast, HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTMP 
        • managing multiple video formats including MPEG2 TS, H.264, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV 

        Easy to install

        Easy to install

        Easy to use



        NetworkTV has been designed as a totally integrated solution with the key features you are most likely to require from an enterprise video management system. Most importantly NetworkTV is completely scalable so that it will suit all types of enterprises, whether small or large and from simple to diverse. Some of the main features of NetworkTV include:
        • Simple-to-use Portal -Watch live TV, browse through the library of on-demand content or search for specific video content within a single, simple uncomplicated user interface in an HTML5 browser. Access the content from PCs, mobile devices or set top boxes. 

        • System Management -Manage Encoders, tuners, set-top-boxes, content, recording, metadata and streams 
        • TV Channels - manage and distribute DVB Terrestrial/ Satellite & ATSC/Clear QAM TV channels. 

        • Encoding – HDMI and HD-SDI encoders to create full HD1080P digital video streams as well as secondary low bit rate streams to send to YouTube, Facebook Live etc. 

        • SAP Announcements – Provide SAP announcements for live channels so users can watch in a media player such as VLC.
        • Recording & Video Archiving -Simultaneous recording of different sources in almost any format or upload your existing content in to the NetworkTV library.  
        • Central Library - Upload existing content in any video format and record new streams into a centralised archive with 1500 hours storage capacity.
        • Search - Find your video in the library with full search facilities using favourites, metadata tags, and thumbnails. 

        • Video-on-Demand (VoD) -Browse the library or search for content to play on demand or push specific content to selected users. 
        • Streaming -NetworkTV works with multicast, unicast RTSP, RTP, RTMP, HTTP and HLS streams as well as offering "pull and push" streaming. 
        • HLS - Convert and deliver any live H.264 stream to send HLS streams to PC and mobile users with the simple click of a button. 

        • Multiscreen Support -NetworkTV provides the flexibility and control to deliver live SD, HD and UHD streams and content to PCs, STBs, digital signage players, tablets and smartphones.  
        • Multi-format Video Support – NetworkTV will simultaneously support all of the main video formats including MPEG2 TS, H.264, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV and WMV.
        • Scalability -NetworkTV provides the foundation for unlimited expansion supporting hundreds of TV channels, encoders, STBs, PCs and VOD users, as well as handling numerous simultaneous recordings and terabytes of content storage. 
        • Compatibility & Legacy -Integrate with Crestron or AMX control systems, utilise your current encoders and upload your existing content.

        • IPTV, Simplified

        • Available Wherever You Are

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        • Almost anywhere

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